A Plastic Life

As we enter 2018, Darul Qur’an would like to commit itself to a more green and eco-friendly approach to all its activities. We will work, insha’Allah, to nurture a sense of ecological awareness, care, and responsibility, in both our teachers and students.

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Click here to view an article explaining the damaging effects of plastic on the earth.

Welcome to Darul Qur’an wal Itrah

‘We have sent down the Book to you as a clarification of all things and as a guidance and mercy and good news for the Muslims.’ (Qur’an 16:89)

Our vision is to cultivate a Qur’anic community wherein Qur’anic values and teachings are understood and implemented and provide continuous inspiration for spiritual, social, conceptual and cultural reform.

  • Darul Qur’an provides weekly classes for children and adults throughout the year. We have a standardised system of Qur’anic teaching with varied teaching styles and techniques catering to a range of ages and abilities.
  • Teacher training is foundational to the growth and development of Darul Qur’an. So far, a lot of work and effort has been invested into teacher training and we now have a substantial number of trained teachers. However, as a dynamic teaching institution, we are wary of stagnation and hence, we provide teachers with ongoing training in various aspects of the Holy Qur’an.
  • Darul Qur’an is also working to better cater to the learning of students with special needs.

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All courses run by Darul Qur’an are offered in a classroom setting led by a qualified teacher. However, if you would like to study Qur’anic recitation or memorisation via online learning, we recommend you register for online learning courses offered at www.darulquran.co.uk

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