Learning the Holy Qur’an by Heart

Praise be to Allah (swt) who sent down the Holy Qur’an as a healing and a mercy for the believers.

Would you like to draw closer to and connect more deeply with the Holy Qur’an? Do you yearn to reflect on its inspirational verses and embed them in your mind and heart?

The Messenger of God (s) has said, ‘Whoever knows the Qur’an by heart and then imagines that Allah will not forgive him, will be [considered] as one who mocks the verses of Allah.’

This beautiful narration of the Holy Prophet (s) confirms the lofty virtue of learning the Qur’an by heart. It encourages believers to memorise the Qur’an and reach one step closer to the peak of Allah’s love and grace with each verse they reflect upon and memorise.

If you would like to memorise the Holy Qur’an via online learning, please register at www.darulquran.co.uk


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