2017 – Ages 11 – 14 : Winner

Hawra Datoo (Age 14)

Theme – A Beautiful Blessing of Allah

Judges’ comments: This piece was beautifully balanced in rhyme and challenged us to actually think.  A variety of blessings were explored and the emphasis on appreciating our intellect and using it to in turn recognise other blessings was impressive.

A Beautiful Blessing of Allah

One blessing of Allah is not enough to name,
Simply just picking one would be such a shame,
Just look all around you,
And you will see that it is true.

From the shining sun with its bright glow
And the ocean with its majestic flow,
The forest trees standing upright watching from above,
All of these creations have been made with Allah’s love,

Some other gifts that Allah has bestowed us,
Is the ability to move and the ability to discuss,
Our arms, ears, eyes and nose,
Basically our whole body including ours legs and elbows.

However a blessing that is very fascinating,
Is something everyone has, something always operating.
Something among the other blessings of Allah that he has set,
One of the most amazing to me is our own intellect.

How we are able to think and gain knowledge,
Another blessing of Allah that we need to acknowledge,
How we are able to think for ourselves and make decisions,
Our intellect can change the world for the better- along with our visions.

It gives us the ability to get closer to our Lord,
To defeat shaytan and go toward,
The path that is right and that is better,
Allah can see how we use our intellect, he is our debtor.

Our intellect is a blessing that most ignore,
By doing this we fall through shaytan’s trap door.
Our intellect gives us the ability to differentiate right from wrong,
It helps us to keep our Imaan strong,

It is a beautiful creation that everyone has been blessed with,
Everyone has it, from a cleaner to a goldsmith,
We should be grateful for such a blessing,
With it our path to heaven will keep on progressing,

So all Allah’s creations we should be grateful for,
Everything is a blessing from the trees to our bedroom floor,
All the animals, the nature that Allah has created,
Allah’s love for his creations is never outdated.


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