2017 – Ages 15 – 18 : Runner Up

Myna Al-Safar (Age 16)

Theme – The Struggle for Success

Judges’ comments: The good use of strong imagery really made this poem work. The extra touch of incorporating the direct words of Allah (SWT) into the verses of each stanza brought in a conversational tone between Creator and creation that was unique.

Struggles at Work

Almost 15 years ago today,
They all said I was crazy,
Even my friends said it was child’s play,
“Be persistent” the Lord said and so I was,
But like a broken toy I was thrown away.

Amongst a herd of beginners I can see,
The stories around one journalist like satellites around an orbit,
And one I can almost touch; so close to me,
“Stand firm” he declared; so I stood my ground,
Standing as tall as a tree.

I was like a bird stuck in its nest,
Unable to stretch out and fly,
And yet I tried my best,
“Close your ranks” he told me so I didn’t give up,
I knew this was all but a test.

I had nothing to lose,
So I reached out and took my chance,
I grabbed onto it; something to choose,
“Be conscious of Allah”; I held on with both hands,
My soul was on a lifetime cruise.

It was just a nudge but what I needed,
My life finally fit together,
From those who laughed I was now shielded,
“So that you may be successful” and so I finally was,
Still standing yet no longer alone.


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