2017 – Ages 15 – 18 : Winner

Noor al-Mussawi (Age 15)

Theme – The Struggle for Success

Judges’ comments: We felt this poem outlined the struggles of the modern-day really well, especially for many of the youth. There was sense of familiarity and empathy as we read it. It seemed to say ‘You’re not alone. We are all in this together’. It was an encouraging poem, pushing its audience to always make the right choices.

With Struggle, Comes Success

‘Success’, we hear it every day,
Interpreted in every way.
It can come and go, or it can stay,
It may guide on track, or lead astray.

But success, to me, is about morality,
More of reality, not superficiality.
Who cares what race, face or nationality,
Because what truly matters is individuality.

I believe, to succeed, is to overcome that which is empty,
Hollow conversations, although they are tempting.
The struggle to ignore the media, what’s trendy,
To know that it’s fine when its one against plenty.

The process of success, always has struggle,
Some think it’s clear, but some find it a puzzle.
Some which end up in serious trouble,
But the more motivation, the stronger the hustle.

People stick to the rage like adhesive tape,
Lips, nose, size 6 body shape.
They care about The Kardashians, not the crime and the rape,
In this case, the struggle is to simply escape.

And yes, it’s hard, to swim against the tide,
But train yourself well, and Allah will guide.
You’re not alone in your struggle, it’s ongoing worldwide,
But your struggle for success starts when you decide

Struggle is like an open book test,
So, clutch the Qur’an very close to your chest.
Keep in your mind that Allah knows best,
And that’s when you’ll realise that you’re truly blessed.

Lastly, success comes, and here ends the fight,
Where between all these people only your face is bright.
And you thank yourself for giving up what’s not right,
Because success, for me, is when you reach Allah’s light.


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