2019 – Ages 11-14 Years: Runner Up

Sakina Walji (Age 13)

Theme – You Inspire Me

Judges’ comments: Centred around Sayyeda Zainab, the poet highlights her bravery whilst standing “amidst the blazing fire”, which is a refrain that runs through the poem. Wonderful use of language and metaphor.

Amidst the Blazing Fire

Oh lady Zainab, you are my ultimate inspiration,
For amidst the blazing fire you endured trials and tribulations with the best of qualities

Amidst the blazing fire you stayed strong,
Your tears were prepared to flow to release the burning sorrow
Those droplets of water would have tasted like heaven for Hussein
You evoke memories of Asghar’s heart being pierced with a 3-pronged arrow Tears
could not stop flowing, and your heart was pierced with pain

Amidst the blazing fire you stayed humble,
You always shielded yourself with your veil
Yet when it was ripped you could not retaliate aloud Hearing the crackling fire and the
children wail
You had no veil, while the shaheed had no shroud

Amidst the blazing fire you stayed courageous, Your heart sunk when the tents were
Yet you carried out your duty to protect the family Fleeing from tent to tent to be
With pain and injustice and the worst of tyranny

Amidst the blazing fire you stayed faithful,
Every move you made, Allah reverberated in your mind You saw things through a
pure lens, unlike the heartless In the presence of those whose hearts were blind
You saw nothing but beauty in the future, totally selfless

Amidst the blazing fire you stayed hopeful,
You endeavoured to keep the children safe, though it was difficult to cope Seeing
Sakina’s desires drift away with the smoke
And the blood from her ear pouring away her hope
Yet still with piety and eloquence you spoke

Amidst the blazing fire you stayed patient,
You were prepared to endure hardships to save the pure
No matter how agonising it was watching those parched lips You would wait no
matter how much you had to endure And when you were given water, you still drank
small sips

Amidst the blazing fire you stayed resilient,
On that fateful night where many minds were ablaze
Whilst wiping Sakina’s tears, to Hussein you sent your salaams What could you do in
the blur of smoke and haze?
Even among the roaring waves of hardships, you remained calm

Oh lady Zainab, I could go on for eternity
To describe your ways when the fire of Shaam-e Ghariba was ignited


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