2019 – Ages 7-10 Years: Runner Up

Fatema Zahra Mithwani (Age 10)

Theme – Allah Loves Me

Judges’ comments: The poet has used imagery incredibly well to paint a picture of the wonders Allah has created for us, from “rolling hills” to “bluebell chimes”. Rhyme has been used well throughout, as has repetition and metaphor. A pleasing, melodious read.T

An Ode to My Keeper Benign

1. The Praising
rolling hills immense with wonder
where an elegance of emerald resides
where tulips waltz to bluebell chimes
where nature, with colour, collides

upon pillows of perfect purity
mattresses of motivating mint
upon a blanket of bounteous blossoming blooms
a roof of starry imprint

of Father Sun, and Mistress Moon
of Stars-so-Supple, and Nature’s Boon

enthralling indeed be the telling,
for this sunlit expanse
of tranquil repose,
‘tis wondrous indeed a dwelling

from the Hand
of the One,
there comes,

a torrent,
a waterfall,
of Love,

where, bathed
in sunshine,

then, washed
in moonlight,

the world’s aflood!
His Devotion is raining

The flower inside me
is slowly unfurling
Love alone can awaken it
which, around me, is swirling

have you ever seen such profusion!
such abundance of luxuries!
Not I! Not I! I lissomely lilt
keeping time with the lyrical breeze

though grass
be my headrest,
and coarse
be my dress,

what need
have I
of millions?

my transport? my feet!
my servants? my hands

oh to taste
an existence
so sweet

a life
where simplicity
and sustainability

oh to taste
an existence
so sweet
so sweet

oh to taste
an existence
so sweet

2. The Promise
Still I gaze
upon thy Glory
Still I bathe
in Nature’s Glee

As my hands I raise
in hymns of praise,
a solemn vow
I pledge to Thee

Respect we shall confer upon
every stone, leaf and tree!
And every creature
shall proudly feature
in Earth’s diversity

3. The Message
Let us kiss the Earth with our feet
Let us print upon it our care
Let us sing it a song of healing
for we are sure to find Peace there

Let us walk upon our planet as Caretakers
Hand in hand, let us mindfully roam
Together, let us walk back to Safety
Together, let us reclaim our Home


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