2020 – Age 11-14 Years: Honourable Mention

Sakina Walji

Theme – Reflections in Lockdown

Judges’ comments: An honourable mention for this poem, which takes the reader on a deeply symbolic journey through the “unwinding tapestry of time”. Elegantly written with carefully crafted metaphors in abundance. A great read!



The unwinding tapestry of time
Has arrived at our doorstep truly
Guiding us upon a mountain climb
Revealing a canvas of opportunity

The stepping stones of awareness
Guide us to a stoned pathway
As we enter this lush forest we must harness
The temptation to explore or go astray

Whist roots lure us into the undergrowth
We are entangled in a web of distraction
We wriggle away and make an oath
To keep steady and devoted with caution

A monsoon of thoughts begins to rain
Is this long-winded journey worth it?
Where are we heading with all this pain?
Each stumble urges us to quit

Sweeps the passerine bird, for all to hear
And the beauty of wildlife arises
Or maybe it was always thriving here
But we were too blind to see it’s prizes

We notice a key upon a stone
And capture this stained design
Impatiently searching for the unknown
We finally arrive at its doorway – so divine

Rummaging our pockets for the key from before
It’s cracks and crevices reminding us of our trials
We use the dented treasure to unlock this door
And discover jewels for which we travelled miles

These jewels resemble patience, a true trust in Allah
Moulded into the key is a journey of hardships
All developing this diamond, a beauty, a star
From which the essence of patience calmly drips


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