2020 – Age 15-18 Years: Runner Up

Ammar Kassam (15)

Theme – The Struggle to Belong

Judges’ comments: This poem stood out because of how well it brought in historical examples while maintaining a rhythm and melody.  The entry seamlessly brought forward stories that we normally read as a part of the past into our present. A well crafted piece of verse!


Prophetic Example

Do I belong in this foreign town?

Their faces are white, while mine is brown.

Should I remain in this land?

Where my faith stands out and they don’t understand.


When faced with an issue there’s one place to look,

The Holy Quran, the Divine book.

The Prophets’ stories, we shouldn’t ignore.

Was belonging a struggle for them? Let’s explore:


Prophet Muhammed was born in Mecca

But he was exiled, and forced to migrate.

They threw stones at him and called him names,

Despite his love, they only had hate.


Prophet Yusuf had eleven brothers,

But among them he didn’t fit in.

He was thrown down a well,

Because of the jealousy of his own kin.


Prophet Musa was sent down the Nile at birth,

Then raised in the palace of a tyrant.

He was exiled from Egypt and had to flee,

He couldn’t belong in his home country.


All had struggled to belong,

But they all found their home,

For Muhammed belongs in the hearts of the Muslims,

1400 years later they visit him under his dome.


Yusuf became treasurer of Egypt,

Respected by his whole family,

He put his trust in Allah,

If we wish to belong so should we.


Prophet Musa saved his people,

He was given the Torah and spoken to by Allah.

Upon his people he became leader,

And now we remember him as Kalimullah.


So, when you feel outcast,

And for belonging you yearn,

Just remember the words of the Quran

“Verily we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”


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