Online Course: From Darkness Towards Light

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من الظلمات إلى النور

From Darkness Towards Light

منكم من يريد الدنيا ومنكم من يريد الآخرة

‘Some of you desire this world and some of you desire the Hereafter’ (Qur’an 3:152)

A journey through life:

  • Identifying aims
  • Making decisions
  • Factors affecting actions
  • Recognising obstacles on the path to progress

Registration for the Gents course has now closed. Please find the registration link for Ladies below

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Ladies Course 009/010

By Sayyidah Madiha Makki

Date : Every Saturday starting from 26th September 2020 for 12 weeks

Day : Every Saturday

Timings :

  • 4pm-5pm (18yrs-35yrs)
  • 5pm-6pm (36yrs plus)

Course Cost: £25 

Course Notes: £11.64 (inc delivery)

Deadline for Registration: Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Gents Course 004

By Brother Mohamed Hasan Roushandel  (For Gents Only)

Date: Every Friday starting on 11th September 2020 for 12 weeks.

Timings :

  • 7pm-8pm
  • 8pm-9pm

Course Cost: £25

Course Notes: £11.64 (inc delivery)

Deadline for Registration: Monday 7th September 2020


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