Qur’an Competition 2018 – Results

‘ If you want ease and success in this world, the death of a martyr, salvation on the Day of Loss, a shade on the burning Day of Judgement, and guidance on the day of misguidance, then take lessons from the Qur’an. Surely it is the word of the Merciful, a protection from the Shaytan and one of the weightiest things on the scale of deeds ‘ (Holy Prophet S.A.W)

Salaamun Alaykum

Darul Qur’an would like to extend their appreciation to all those who took the time to study and participate in the Qur’an Competition. Although we would like to recognise and award those who excelled everyone who participated is a winner in the eyes of Allah and their reward is with Him.

Inshallah, a positive step has been taken forward in the journey towards implementing the message of the Holy Qur’an. All participants have now become a significant drop in the oceanic movement towards a Qur’anic community.

Men’s Results

First – Muhammad Mehdi Dewji

Second – Hasnain Rashid

Third – Mujtaba Husein Dewji

First – Yasir Merali

Second – Mehdi Lilani

First – Husein Saleh

Second – Abbas Husein

First – Redha Hyder Najm

Second – Ameen Jafari

One Participant – Mohamed Redha Rashid

First – Maisam Merali

Second – Mousa Al Rufayie

Ladies’ Results

First – Farhat Lilani

Second – Fatema Raffiq

Third – Aleya Merali

First – Amina Sharifi

Second – Sumayya Marhoon

First – Sabira Hamir

Second – Zainab Hamir

All participants had exactly the same marks:

Benezeer Merali

Aliya Mavani

Ruqaya Govani

Aliya Yusufali

Zainab Jaffer

First – Maleeka Kermalli

Second – Zaynab Valji

Third – Fatima Al Musaid

First – Zainab Dossa

Second – Sajida Tejani

Third – Fatima Dhalla

First – Fatema Zahra Mithwani

Second – Sakina Tejani

Third – Faatima Bachoo

First – Zahida Tejani

Second – Tahera Kanani

Third – Hasina Kanji

First – Mafaz Ansari

Second – Nazhat Esmail

First – Fatema Valjy

Second – Zahra Tejani

First – Zahra Makki

Second – Fehmida Merali

Third – Samira Rashid

Congratulations to all!

With duas,
Darul Qur’an wal Itrah


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