Ages 19+ Years: Runner Up

Abdul Karim

Category 19 years & above

Theme – Courageous Choices

Judges’ comments:

A non-traditional poem, this clever piece of work brought out the oft-forgotten strength of women, and women in Islam in particular. Pulling in histories from the Qur’an, it was a reminder to all of us of a force to be reckoned with in the past and its potential in the present and future.


The Weaker Sex?


I’ve heard them called the weaker sex, but I won’t participate in disrespect, the Qur’an tells me they were some of God’s select with stories worthy to recollect, courage for every man and women to reflect, for far too long, they were those we did neglect, it’s time for women-kind to claim her place elect

Etched upon the sacred pages are the stories of these heroic ladies, no if’s or but’s or maybe’s they raised prophetic babies who challenged Empires daily, and inspired those in slavery, to have the courage to struggle for freedom bravely, their stories may be few, but their courage is like a blazing fuel, illuminating and generating for those awaiting, freedom is for taking

This Egyptian tale is no story of the frail, these are women with the strongest portrayal, set adrift on the Nile, this was a mother’s trial, to save a child from a tyrant who was vile, she trust in God before all the rest, with a heart that was hurting she never imagined her son returning but it was her touch he was yearning, God bought him back for her nursing, to show her faith was certain, for pharaoh it was the final curtain, her son liberated a nation and she was blessed with a divine elevation in a protected Qur’anic narration

Strength of faith should also go to the one, the wife of pharaoh, the evil one, she took Moses as if he was her son, his faith she would never shun, even when her life was undone, her reward is with the eternal one, and her story conveyed on the lips of Muhammad the holy one, and bestowed with a heavenly abode, her memory enshrined, forever to be told, upon every heart an inspiration to be bold,  a virtue more precious then gold, a characteristic shared by the holy household

The story of this virgin saw faith and courage converging, for those with weak faith it was a purging, truth and falsehood could not be merging, destined to give birth to the messiah her people tried to drag her name through the mire, a satanic scandal bound to backfire her innocence uttered on the lips of the infant messiah, “Verily, I am a servant of Allah, He has given me the Scripture and made me a Prophet; And He has made me blessed wherever I be, and has enjoined on me Salah and Zakah, as long as I live, And to be dutiful to my mother”, amazed they gazed, failing to praise, her faith was unwaived, upon her heart faith was engraved, while theirs was erased for them the hell fire blazed, beware false religiosity even scholars can swim in hypocrisy

Lastly let me speak of Zainab and the historical day she had, before the tyrant she was defiant and upon the Quran she was reliant addressing Yazeed she inforrmed him, “let not the disbelievers think that Our postponing their punishment is good for them. We postpone the punishment only so that they may increase in sinfulness. And for them is a disgraceful torment.”, agitated and irritated his ego deflated,  his victory confiscated, the truth of Hussain vindicated and with the Qur’an Zainab celebrated, “And do not reckon those who are slain in the Way of Allah as dead. Nay! They are living with their Lord, receiving their sustenance”, for the oppressor left short of measure listin to these words at your displeasure, “The curse of Allah is upon the oppressors”

So for those fearing terror, read the Qur’an to strengthen your endeavor, and be of those in Gods pleasure and be blessed with a heavenly treasure, remembered in these lines are the women who excelled, when many men would have failed, for them the spiritual secrets were unveiled, to join them, in the Qur’an you should prevail and let your deeds be heavy on the scale, so let the misogynists rage, these women transcend any age, uplifting the prisoner in a cage and the abused mother


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