Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

‘We have sent down the Book to you as a clarification of all things and as a guidance and mercy and good news for the Muslims.’ (Qur’an 16:89)

‘And the Messenger will cry out, “Surely my people abandoned this Qur’an!”’ (Qur’an 25:30)

Vision Statement:

In response to the above verses, Darul Qur’an has a vision to cultivate a Qur’anic community wherein Qur’anic values and teachings are understood and implemented in all aspects of life and provide continuous inspiration for spiritual, social, conceptual and cultural reform.

We will strive to realise this vision by focusing on Education and Outreach.

Educational Aims and Objectives:

  • To raise standards of Qur’an recitation by offering courses ranging from basic to advanced levels of study. We aim not only to uplift the general level of Qur’anic recitation but also to nurture a significant and ever-growing number of Qur’anic recitors specialising in Tajweed and voice and tune.
  • To provide training in Qur’anic memorisation and instil the value of retention and application. We aim to train a significant number of huffaz (memorisers) of the Holy Qur’an who will inspire and teach others also to memorise the Holy Book.
  • To provide teacher training by qualified experts in diverse areas of Qur’anic knowledge, thereby providing the community with access to Qur’anic education by qualified and competent teachers
  • To teach a range of subjects through the Holy Qur’an as a primary source of guidance.
  • To nurture Qur’anic youth by offering creative, fun, youth-centred activities and courses within a Qur’anic environment
  • To improve access to Qur’anic learning for students with learning difficulties and special needs
  • To encourage exploration of creative arts and literature through courses on Qur’anic culture, philosophy, poetry, calligraphy and story-telling
  • To provide counselling and mentoring services based on Qur’anic principles

Outreach Aims and Objectives:

  • To further community integration across geography and culture through regular Qur’anic events, seminars, competitions and workshops
  • To promote Qur’anic values within the wider Muslim and British society through a range of tabligh efforts including exhibitions, publications and displays.
  • To translate and publish relevant Qur’anic material in English and disseminate it widely


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