2017 – Ages 7-10 Years: Winner

Fatema Zahra Mithwani (Age 8)

Theme – A Beautiful Blessing of Allah

Judges’ comments: This poem was extraordinary in both content and style.  It made fantastic use of a variety of poetic devices and had a rhythm that carried it from the start to the end as it sang the praises of the blessings of Allah (SWT). A well-deserved winner

A Testament to the Divine

Within the Realm
of Infinite Possibility
there lies a paintbrush
magnificent in its ability

A paintbrush of illustriousness
A paintbrush of delight
A paintbrush of fulfilment
of majesty
of might

With the sweep of a swirl,
the conjuring of a twirl,
an endless blue shall unfurl

Oceans and seas of cool cobalt
swiftly sliding, cresting, gliding

The sky – a mirror of turquoise tranquility
The rain – an elixir of abundant fertility

A flourishing, a nourishing, of lush, leafy line
The towering, and flowering,
of a verdant forest of pine

The purest blush of a rose
as it blooms upon a vine,
its inviting scent – an aromatic offering
of praise to the Divine

A graceful swoop, a lissome loop,
a fluidly sweeping arc

With an attitude of beatitude,
the paintbrush makes its mark

From the Hand of the One
emerges sea upon sea
of blessing and wonder:
His Word, to each, is, ‘Be!’

But have you ever wondered
what caused these miracles to unfold?

‘Tis nothing but His enduring Love
a Cherishing of old
for the purest of personages:
their Remembrance is as gold

Muhammad of Mercy! Alluring Ali!
Al Hassan and Al Husayn,
such beauty and bravery!
And the Lady of Light?
She’s the Centre, the Key!

Fatima tuz Zahra
She’s the One dearest to me
for what greater blessing
could there possibly be
than to know, as I grow,
that I am named after She!

My life’s dedication, I now declare to thee!
I follow in Her Way, for like Her I aspire to be.


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