2019 – Ages 11-14 Years: Winner

Ammar Kassam (Age 14)

Theme – You Inspire Me

Judges’ comments: The poet seamlessly embedded a verse from the Qur’an into every stanza, highlighting how the holy book inspires them. This sophistication made it stand out, as did the rhyming couplets. A introspective poem and a worthy winner.

Quranic Inspiration

What inspires us to wake up and pray?
At the break of dawn each and every day.
Before we pray we remember the Ayah,
“And seek help through patience and Salah…” (2:45)

But, what inspires us to keep our fast?
Only at sunset do we break it at last.
“…And that you fast, it is better for you if only you know” (2:184)
Because through fasting our soul does grow.

Then, what inspires us to make Ziyarat so far?
And walk from Najaf to Karbala?
“….And to purify you with a thorough purification” (33:33)
We all wish to visit the best of creation.

And what inspires us to visit the house of Allah?
To do our hajj and our Umrah?
“…and be among those who perform pilgrimage to Mecca” (63:10)
Nabi Ibrahim the first do tawaf round the Kaaba

What inspires us to pray Jam’aa?
At the mosque with the Muslim Ummah?
The Holy Prophet never missed Congregational Salah,
He is our role model until Yawn-e-Qiyamah

What inspires us to remember Allah?
And pray our Khums and our Zakaat?
“…to the poor the orphan and the captive” 76:8
For the love of Allah the Alhul-Bayt did give.

The Holy Qur’an is the inspiration,
For us, the whole Muslim nation.
The words of Allah, will never be far,
For those seeking their final destination.


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