2019 – Ages 19+: Runner Up

Saqib Hussain (Age 35)

Theme – Beauty in the Darkness

Judges’ comments: A rhythmic poem that personifies loneliness before showing that it can be eradicated simply by turning to Allah. Alternative rhyming lines make it pleasant to read, whilst the metaphor at the end is poignant.

The Light of Truth

Loneliness put its head in its hands
A vast emptiness was felt inside
As far as could be seen stretched desert sands
The only water there was when I cried

Not a single blade of grass wherever I looked
No beautiful flower to be seen
Depression coloured everything in grey
Nothing was coloured in soothing green

Turning to Allah – it seemed so simple
But it worked, and I was no longer alone
Dhikr1 was the beauty in the darkness
It felt like I had come home

What had looked like sands I now knew
Were oceans of opportunity
I was blessed with the Quran – divine guidance
And other blessings that I’d failed to see

Yunus called out from the darkness
“There is no God except you”2
The Prophet of God turned to the Most Merciful
He was saved, and we can be too

Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth3
And His treasure is the believers heart
This life could end at any moment
Connect with Him – now is the time to start

Dhikr of Allah and following His commands
Freeing the heart from destructive sins
Staying in a state of gentle alertness
Allowing the light to enter within

Dark ignorance then melts away
And we step out of misery
Our garden blooms with fragrant flowers
The light of truth sets us free.

1Dhikr – remembrance of Allah
2Qur’an 21:87
3Qur’an 24:35



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