2019 – Ages 7-10 Years: Winner

Zaynab Valji (Age 10)

Theme – Allah Loves Me

Judges’ comments: A wonderful poem that portrays Allah’s love for his creation through the extended metaphor of a person rowing through the sea of life, which turns from serene to stormy. A great use of poetic devices too, such as personification and sibilance. Very well written.

The Lighthouse

The serene sea sleeps,
Sighs inexorably,
In and out…
In and out…
I row through my life peacefully,

A tempestuous storm rages,
My life is tossed
Up and down…
Up and down…
With flailing arms and legs,
I battle against the crashing waves,
Desperation compelling me to fight the rising tide

Until my weary limbs slacken,
And I am dragged,
Down into the dark depths below…

And I realise how helpless I am,
How much I need Allah!
I plead,
I beg,
I beseech,
Ya Rabbi!
Only You can save me!

With all the strength I have,
I struggle towards the surface,
Allah will help me,
He will not let me drown!

Allah’s love fills me with hope
A final push,
And I frantically gasp for air

I see
What I did not perceive
Amid my distress and despair
A light shining from afar,
Allah’s love protecting me,
Guiding me through the rough sea.

I thought I was alone,
Smothered in darkness,
I know,
Even in the choppiest, blackest waters,
Allah’s love lights the way

To safety,


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