2020 – Age 7-10 Years: Runner Up

Zainab Hamir (age 10)

Theme – Lessons I learnt in Lockdown

Judges’ comments: A personal account of what lockdown was like for the poet and how it affected them. The first-person perspective used is very effective and a lot of skill is used to create the alternate rhyming couplets. A very well written poem!

Lessons I learnt in Lockdown

Corona virus lockdown,

Wow, twelve weeks long,

Spreading all over town,

Saying it was all bad is wrong.


Something I learnt in this time,

Is to stay grateful a lot,

Not exercising is a crime,

Don’t let your body rot!


I didn’t take lockdown for granted,

Spending lots of time with family,

Didn’t hear any person who shouted or chanted,

There was time to get rest happily.


I even had online school,

That’s something I’m grateful for,

I had the NHS, cool,

I am grateful for everything, and more!


So, in conclusion,

Lockdown wasn’t so bad,

Nothing needed a resolution,

I learnt so many things that I hadn’t had!


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