Light of the Qur’an Poetry Competition 2016 – Entries

Light of Qur’an Poetry 2016 Competition Results

Winner: Ages 7-10 Years

Fatema Zahra Mithwani (Age 7)

Theme – Allah’s Amazing Creation

Judges’ comments: The poem stood out because of its sophisticated style and language. It described the theme beautifully and the imagery was extremely strong in its visualisation.

Runner Up: Ages 7-10 Years

Kawthar Massoud (Age 9)

Theme – Allah’s Amazing Creation

Judges’ comments: A well thought out poem that was original in tone, covered the theme extremely well and had a flow that made it an easy and pleasing read.

Winner: Ages 11-14 Years

Noor Rehayma al-Mossawi (Age 14)

Theme – Allah’s Amazing Creation

Judges’ comments: This poem stood out because of its excellent presentation and succinct verses. It covered the theme through a series of stanzas that had a soft, musical rhythm to them.

Runner Up: Ages 11-14 Years

Sabira Jiwa (Age 12)

Theme – Allah’s Amazing Creation

Judges’ comments: This poem was impressive because of its sophisticated descriptions, beautiful imagery and words that brought the ideas it was expressing, to life, both visually as well as emotionally.

Winner: Ages 15-18 Years

Mohammed Rhemtulla (Age 16)

Theme – Courageous Choices

Judges’ comments: A great read, this poem covered the theme extremely well, moving from Qur’an to history and linking the two together with ease. It flowed very well with imagery, descriptions and thought-provoking phrases.

Runner Up: Ages 15-18 Years

Muntazir Jaffer (Age 16)

Theme – Courageous Choices

Judges’ comments: This poem told a story that made us sit back and think. It was original in its approach and used analogies that related to present-day life.

Winner: Ages 19+ Years

Nihal Valji (Age 26)

Theme – Courageous Choices

Judges’ comments: A unanimous favourite of the judges, this poem was spot on the theme. It told a great story about a choice we can all relate to in today’s world and did so to a beautiful beat. It was personal, it was about courage and it was about victory through courage.

Runner Up: Ages 19+ Years

Abdul Karim (Age 43)

Theme – Courageous Choices

Judges’ comments: A non-traditional poem, this clever piece of work brought out the oft-forgotten strength of women, and women in Islam in particular. Pulling in histories from the Qur’an, it was a reminder to all of us of a force to be reckoned with in the past and its potential in the present and future.

Honourable Mention: Ages 19+ Years

Mohammed Abbas Jaffer (Age 27)

Theme – Courageous Choices

Judges’ comments: A courageous choice in its approach and subject, this modern poem was definitely thought-provoking and a wake-up call for us to stop ignoring certain social issues.


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