Ages 11-14 Years: Runner Up

Sabira Jiwa (Age 12)

Category 11 – 14 years

Theme – Allah’s Amazing Creation

Judges’ comments:

This poem was impressive because of its sophisticated descriptions, beautiful imagery and words that brought the ideas it was expressing, to life, both visually as well as emotionally.


Have you ever Pondered?


Have you ever pondered

How the seasons change,

each in their own majesty:


As winters are grey and sombre

And the trees all barren and bare

As howling winds sweep the leaves away

and delicate snowflakes fall from the sky

so intricately designed that it can only be the art of the Divine.


As the riot of colours commence, Autumn sets in

and prepares the earth for slumber.

Leaves pirouette from the trees in an invisible spiral of breeze

As if praying to his Majesties in gratitude and ease.

Al Raqeeb is our lord who watches every movement ,

every creature and verily there cannot be one more awesome than Him.


As daffodils emerge, a new dawn begins,

Spring lifts the spirits and life begins anew with

the birth of young animals and fresh blooms and buds

The renewal of life can only be done by the great giver of life Al Muhyi.

As the tiny little baby formed from a clump of cells emerges

from its mother’s womb, words cannot describe this;

We then begin to comprehend the shaper of life Al Musawwiru.


As the heat of summer warms us all with long bright days filled with joy and fun

Sights of lush foliage and carpets of grass,

As I lie amongst the flowers in the gardens with heavenly aromas.

I cannot stop to imagine The Azeem lord who created such a Magnificent beauty


As the garden spider spins its delicate web Like a dainty crocheted lace

Woven with such care and diligence.

The beautifully created butterfly takes flight amongst the flowers

and the bee collects its nectar from the therein

I just continue to ponder how    Al-Khaliq our Lord creates everything.



As the Lofty mountains hold their heads up high

and the oceans waters both salty and sweet

Refuse to intermingle but pass on side by side neat.

Then which of your Lord’s bounties do you deny

Surely Allah is Al-Muhyi the Giver of Life and the taker of life  Al Mumeet.


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