Ages 11-14 Years: Winner

Noor Rehayma al-Mossawi (Age 14)

Category 11 – 14 years

Theme – Allah’s Amazing Creation

Judges’ comments:

This poem stood out because of its excellent presentation and succinct verses. It covered the theme through a series of stanzas that had a soft, musical rhythm to them.


Allah is the answer


There must be a creator,

In every life equation.

There must be someone greater,

In charge of all creation.


If once, you sit and wonder,

Just open the Quran.

It will allow your mind to ponder,

And will strengthen your Iman.


There are birds disposed above,

Like stars in outer space.

A pigeon, crow, a dove,

Are all created by his grace.


Who spread out the earth we live on,

And set firm mountains and streams?

Who created the sun so it shone,

With its glowing rays and beams?


“Allah,” my friend, is the answer,

To almost everything.

Allah, our health enhancer,

Who created Saturn with a ring.


Allah’s amazing creations,

Come in many different forms.

From creating tribes and nations,

To rain and lightning storms.


He draws the night’s cover over the day,

In which the moon will shine the brightest.

He created human beings from clay,

And was not tired, in the slightest.


Allah created every animal from water,

Some with four legs some with two.

Some were made for us to slaughter,

And some were made to accompany you.


It is Allah, whom has power,

Over everything in existence.

Every year, month, day and hour,

We require his assistance.


The blissful pools in which we bathe,

At the foot of a waterfall.

This water, in which we wade,

Is truly beautiful.


This amazing thing of beauty,

Must have an amazing creator.

Therefore, it is our duty,

To thank our originator.


“Allah,” again, is the answer,

To everything, even a crumb.

Allah, our commander,

Who says, “Be,” and it will become.


So who is this special someone,

Who created every star?

Who created the moon and sun?

Why of course, it is Allah!


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