Week 23 – Question of the Week

How can it be said that by simply saying a single sentence: “La Illah Ila Allah”, that a person will prosper?

Although the narration states that “Say there is no God but Allah SWT and you will prosper”, it is not that the movement of the tongue that speaks those words yields prosperity, but rather the belief in monotheism.

The word “تفلحوا ” (prosper) is derived from “فلَحت ” (agriculture) with the meaning of growth of a seed in to a fruitful plant, and is a term coined for farmers as they provide the tools for the cultivation for seeds to grow in to fully-fledged plants.

In order for the germination of the seed to occur from within the depths of earth’s soil, three stages are needed:

  1. The roots of the seed needs to deepen down in to the soil.
  2. Nutrients need to be absorbed by it.
  3. The soil above it needs to be broken so as to allow its emergence.

A person must also, if they desire to uplift in to the sphere of monotheism, have deep rooted foundations in his/her beliefs which are derived through correct logic and reasoning, in order to fully utilize the potential in ones’ abilities for their growth and development, and therefore attain the benefits, removing the obstacles that holds them back.
So prosperity is a result of deep-rooting, pursuing and movement in the Divine direction.


A translation of the work by Hujjat Al Islam Mohsen Gharaati

Translated by S.L. AL-Hakim


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